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The 58th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament
Saturday September 9, 2017 - Sunday September 17, 2017

International Author Jim Rizzuto

In a writing career spanning six decades, author Jim Rizzuto has written 17 books and thousands of articles about fishing in Hawaii. Jim has followed the HIBT since its inception in 1959 and been actively involved since the early 1970s when he joined the HIBT press corps. At various times, Jim has served as HIBT Press Chief, Commissioner, Governor and pier emcee as well as President of the Pacific Ocean Research Foundation. Jim's Kona fishing column has appearred weekly in West Hawaii Today since 1971 and his Fishing Hawaii Style column monthly in Hawaii Fishing News since 1976. Since his first magazine article in a 1964 issue of Salt Water Sportsman, Jim's work has appearred worldwide in Field and Stream, Marlin, Bluewater, Sportfishing, New Zealand Fishing News and many other international publications.

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Jim Rizzuto's lure making website: http://LureMakingKonaStyle.com

2017 HIBT Starts Fishing September 9 through September 17, 2017

Next year, the 58th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament is scheduled from September 9 through September 17, 2017. Built on prestige, trophies and strict International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules for world records, teams from around the world gather to fish the world-famous waters off the Kona Coast and a chance of capturing the HIBT's prestigious Governor's trophy.

Anglers and teams are invited to apply for entry as a full tournament is anticipated.

For inquiries, questions and information, please contact the HIBT office at or phone 808-836-1723